Video: How to Upload Video (legacy)



Upload a Video


1. Click on Upload New Video in the Team Room

or the same button in the Video Room.



2. Drag and Drop or click Select Video Files.

We accept all video types and you can also upload multiple videos together.



3. If you would like, you can edit the details of the video during the process of upload e.g. title, description, etc. 

Click on show settings. Once you are done with editing video details, please click on Save Changes button.



You can also integrate with 3rd party analysis timelines by clicking Add Timelines or you can add them later if not available at the point of upload.

You can skip step 3. and do it after video upload is complete. The choice is yours!

If your internet connection fails or you need to pause and restart at another location the upload will restart at the closest point.   

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