Video:Tech Update | Playlists & Improved Media Tools | 01/09/2017


Check out this video highlighting the improvements we have made to the Video Room, including:

- Creation
- Embed
- Download

Improved Media Tools
- More Speed Settings
- Digital Zoom
- Improve Interface

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    Xavier Santolaria

    Hi - The playlist feature is very interesting, but it looks it's only available within a single video.

    How to have a "global playlist" for all your videos? For instance, in field hockey, have a playlist of all your penalty corners throughout the season (yours and your opponents).

    Thanks. -X.

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    Dear Xavier,


    Thank you for submitting your comment. Your feedback is always highly appreciated. You are not the first person interested in playlist creation from multiple videos.  Very shortly it will be reviewed and assessed how quickly we can implement it.


    Kind regards


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