Analyst Role

Analyst Role

 Analyst role can be assigned to a user (staff or player) to give them access to do the analysis. This role allows user to use the Filters, Tags and Comment features (Send as Clip, make Public Comment) in the Video Room.

    1. Head to the Team Room.
    2. Click on Manage Members.
    3. Click Assign.
    4. From the dropdown, please select user you would like to assign as analyst.
    5. Click on Assign button



If you would like to reassign analyst role to somebody else, please click on the Assign button and select another user for the role.



Note: Number of analysts depends on the package you are subscribing. Reassignments are normally limited to 2 per week. Number of reassignments are indicated in the round brackets.




If you cannot locate Assign button, please contact us by

submitting request:

or simply by email:

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