Player Analysis Feature

This tutorial is for the players with Private Analysis Add-On feature enabled  which is currently in beta version.

As a player you would only have READ ONLY mode, with Private Analysis Feature, you will be able to analyse your own video.

 Enabling Player Analysis Feature

  1. Head to the Video Room.
  2. Click on Analyse Video button in Video Library2018-01-11_19-41-30.png

Or click blue Analyse Video button in selected video media tools mode



   3. Dialog box will be displayed: "To analyse, a copy of this video will be created. Would you like to continue?" Click on Copy & Go To Video button. 


   4. Click Next button. 


   5. Another dialog box will appear. Please read carefully and then tick checkbox next to "I have read and agree to the terms of service".


6. Then click Subscribe. 

7. Dialog box will be displayed confirming successful subscription. Click Done and the game you have selected, will be available to start creating your own moments.

Shortly after subscribing this feature, you will get subscription acknowledgement. 



 The personal copy of the game will not be seen by everyone. Player will have a control to publish (for everyone to see) the game or unpublish. Unpublished copies will only be visible to Coaches and Admins. 


Once player creates copy for self-analysis, then he will be able to tag the game, send comments, create playlists.




 Once player opens his copy of the video:

  • Click START TAG button to start recording the moment.

  •  When you would like to stop recording, please click red square button.

  •  Then Create New Filter or add to the existing one, you can leave it as highlight or add a comment in Send as Clip section, mention user, group or everyone with '@'.  

  • Hit 'Save Changes’,  do not forget to select 'Published' option (if you wish) from the drop-down and the video clip will appear on the tagged member’s Activity Feed also sending them directly to Coach Logic's mobile app.

 You will need to go through this whole process again and again creating as many of your highlights, comments as needed.


Creating Playlists

Once you finished tagging the game and you have more than one tag, then you can create playlists.

  • Click on the video you would like to create your playlists from.
  • Make a selection, e.g. 'My Highlights' filter. Please, make sure that Tag Mode is switched off.


  • Click 'Create Playlist' at the bottom left corner of the video.


Once playlist generation is complete, you will see 2 options: 

  1. Download button which is used to create playlist to your device
  2. Copy button which is used to copy URL and can be shared, e.g. you can paste it in your Activity Feed to share it with your team. 

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