Video: Use Analysis Viewer (Legacy Video Player)

If you are using offline analysis software such as FocusSportscode, Gamebreaker, Nacsport, Dartfish and others, you can integrate them with Coach Logic using our Analysis Viewer.
Upload timeline

  • Head to the Video Room, pick the video you want to add the analysis to and click on cog icon


  • Click Upload New Timeline.


  • Click Choose file and select the relevant .xml or .CSV file from your computer, then click Upload button


  • You can also integrate with 3rd party analysis timelines at the point of upload by clicking Add Timelines or you can add them later as per description above.

Your analysis will now be uploaded under the game, where you can interact with the video footage.  This combines really well with our Comments feature so coaches and players can remark on each feature of the game with ease.  
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    Xavier Santolaria

    The first part of the article does not seem applicable anymore. I can't find the option to upload the timeline by clicking on the cog icon.


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