Video: Use CL as a Physio or Medical Staff Member

Here is where you can use Coach Logic as a physio or medical staff.
Reporting an Injury as a player

  • On the main team page, click on Report Injury to the relevant physio or medical staff
  • Report what the injury is and describe how it happened
  • This will then be sent to the staff. 
Coach Logic as a Physio or Medical staff member

  • Head to the Physio room, where you will get a completely different view to the rest of the team
  • Reported injuries on the page and if the physio agrees the player is injured, then click Mark as Injured

  • This will alert the coach that the player is unavailable to be selected
The physio can then use the Activity Feed to give players info on what they should be doing to recover from their injury.
Putting together a Rehab programme

  • Head to Physio room, and click on Create rehab programme

  • Enter the description of the programme

  • Enter the type of Session, and then enter the exercises in that session.  You can have as many sessions as you want
  • Send the completed programme to the individual(s) that need it
Once a player has made their recovery, you can mark them as available so that the coach can see they are ready to take the field again!
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