Video: Create a Battery of Fitness Tests

This is a simple tool for creating your fitness tests that you want your players to do.  You can keep progress of their performances and improvements.
Creating a Fitness Test

  • Head to the Gym, and click Create test under Fitness Test

  • Enter the name and description of the test

  • Add an exercise by the type of exercise e.g. aerobic, by the exercise itself, e.g. Yo-Yo Intermittent Tests and select the unit of measurement, e.g. metres or level

  • Keep adding exercises until you have a complete battery of exercises
Invite players to Fitness Test

  • Once you have your test, you can add the players you want to take the specific fitness test
  • Publish the fitness test, and then players will be able to see the test and complete it
  • You can then record the results of the test and either publish it for everyone to see, or save it just so the coaches have access to it
Don’t know what test to run?  We have Fitness Test Protocols that anyone can run. It will give you information on exactly how to run the test if you aren’t sure what the protocols for each test is.  
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