Video: Use the Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is where you do your main communication with Coach Logic. Interaction with players is key, and the Activity Feed keeps your communication simple but effective. 

Activate Groups


  • To add personal groups, e.g. 1st XV Forwards and Leaders Group, click Add new group and enter the name

  • Click on that group to add the specific players you want in that group

Using the Activity Feed

Head to the main page and start communicating.
  • Put in a subject heading and type out your message
  • Click on Add people to add specific people or groups that you would like to view the message
  • To add videos, images, files or links, just click on the tabs under Share, and add away!
  • If the message is important, click Mark as Important so it will stay top of the Activity Feed

Now it’s time to communicate with your players.  Enjoy!
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