Video: Add New Members

Add members to your team in order to get your Coach Logic hub working the way it should.  Here are the simple steps to get your players and staff involved: 

Add New Members

  • Head to Invite Team Member

  • Enter Name, Email address and their Role in the team e.g. User (Player), Admin (Staff), Medical (Physio)

The player will then get an email where they can sign up for your team and get started themselves.  

Add Multiple Team Members

  • Click Invite multiple Team Members button


  • Enter Name, Email and Role


  • Send Invitations


Or quickly load data from CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file and add new users to Coach Logic via bulk invitation. Each user will receive the email containing a link, which prompts them to select username and password and then sign in to their Coach Logic platform.


  • Head to Invite Multiple Team Members.


  • Click Load users button.


Note: CSV file must contain "Name" and "Email" column headings. "Role" is optional and could be set to User, Admin or Medical. You will be able to edit loaded data before sending out invitations.

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