Set Up and Use the Resource Room (Discontinued feature)

The Resource Room is a tool for adding useful links and files for players and staff to view.  We are integrated with Dropbox so you can easily get your files onto the site.
Dropbox Integration

  • Go to Connect to Dropbox and link your Dropbox account to Coach Logic.  If you don’t have an account, it is very easy to create an account.

Don’t worry, only the folders you want to share will end up on the Coach Logic platform!
Managing Folders

  • For each folder, you will be able to choose who sees it via a list of all your users and admins
  • You can share any of your files via Activity Feed.  Just right click required file, click Copy Link Address
  • Head to the Feed and paste copied link, where you can share it with your team.


Using files such as match analysis and team reports can be hugely beneficial to teams knowing how they are getting on.
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