Set up Lead & Lag times (Legacy Video Player)

Lead and Lag times can now be added to event filters giving you greater accuracy when tagging your match video.

  • Create a new filter. Click on the plus icon on the right-hand side in Video Room [Edit]mode.


  • New Filter dialog box will be displayed where you can enter Lead in and Lag times


Lead in time is the time leading up to the point at which an event filter is clicked.

Lag time is the time after the point at which an event filter is clicked.

For example, if a filter had a lead time of 3 seconds and a lag time of 7 seconds the event filter would capture a clip with a 10 second duration.


  • Or you can edit Lead in and Lag time by clicking pencil icon on already created filter. 


If you have any thoughts, let us know on the community post here.

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