Mobile App | Settings

The menu is where you can access all your teams and access your profile.

Switching Teams

Here is where you can access all of your different teams if you have enabled the Multi-Login feature (here is how you do that!).

Just click on the team that you want to check out, and that will take you to your feed for that team.



Search Member 

To search for a members, head to 'Search member'.  Once you are there, select from the a list or type name. 


Go to Website

 To get to the web version of your account, please head to 'Go to Website'. 


Privacy Policy

Here you can access our privacy policy for application.



If you would like to access our helpdesk, head to 'Support' where you will find our knowledge base, possibility to submit a request or share your ideas and experiences with community.


View My Profile

To view your profile, head to 'View My Profile'.


Once there, you will be able to view your profile.

You can edit your details via the Edit button at the top right hand of the screen.



Once you have finished editing, click Save at the top right hand of the screen.


Sign Out

If you want to sign out of the Coach Logic App, just click Sign Out at the bottom of the screen.



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