Add New Members (Legacy version)

How to Add Members?

Add members to your team in order to get your Coach Logic hub working the way it should.  Here are the simple steps to get your players and staff involved:

      1. Head to the Team Room.
      2. Click on the Club Account or below it:mceclip1.png
      3. Select Manage Members:mceclip0.png
      4. Click on Invite Users button
        where you enter Name, Email, Role and you can also tick Self-Pay User option if you wish your members to pay for their own membership.


Please note that you can invite as many members as you wish by clicking ADD ANOTHER USER:


5.  Once you are happy with the number of members, click on INVITE button or if you                                     changed your mind CANCEL.

For more information on the permission management, please refer to Admin rights/permissions article.

Please note that if you invite additional users without ticking Self-Pay User option, this may incur additional charges in your upcoming subscription.

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