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How to Create Cross-Match Playlists

We have Video A, Video B and Video C and would like to create Cross- Sport Highlights playlist from these 3 different videos.


  1.  You can use Quick Search or search for the Events and/or Tags you would like to add to playlist

    you can also click on any clip in the timeline you would like to add to the playlist, menu will appear just below the video, click on Add To Playlist then follow step Nr. 3:
    or right-click the required clip then follow step Nr. 3:
  2. From Search Result you can easily add to the playlist by clicking Add to Playlist button
  3. It will open Add to dialog box where you can add your clips to the existing playlist, in our case, Cross-Sport Highlights playlist - tick it
  4.  and then click Confirm
  5. You will see Save Analysis button turning green, please click on it to save changes made:

    Please repeat these steps above with Video B and Video C. In the end, you should have cross-match playlist.

    Should you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact us by submitting a request:

    or simply email at:


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