Playlists | How to Edit Playlist's Settings (Legacy)


How to Edit Playlist's Settings

  1. Head to the Video Room.
  2. Select any video.
  3. Click on the the Playlists icon:


  4.  If you are creator of the playlist, platform's owner or have playlist's edit rights (these permissions are restricted). You can do it 2 ways:

    • In the Playlists modal click on the 3 dots for the quick access to Settings:


    • or you can access Settings if you click on the required playlist then click cog icon there:

  5.  if you go with the first option (3 dots), you will see 2 options: Settings and Delete:


  6. Click on Settings - you will be taken to Playlist Settings modal where you can perform number of actions (Change playlist name, export it, change privacy settings, delete playlist):


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