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Create a Group

The best way to communicate with number of members of your team is to get them into different groups. This can be positional groups e.g. 'midfielders' or role groups e.g. 'leadership group'. Keep updating these groups as you go. 4 default groups will be created for you: Everyone, Users, Admins, Medical. You can update these groups any time or create new ones.


Note: Default groups cannot be deleted.

  • Click Manage Members tab under the Team Room tab.

  • Click Create New Group.

  • Enter Name of the group.

  • On the left-hand side you will see the list of members (People to Add), once you click on the desired member, he/she will be populated on the right-hand side (People in Group). Clicking once on the desired member already in a group, that member will be returned to the list of the not added ones.

    You can also delete the group by clicking on Delete this group.

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