Video: How to Share Video Publicly?


In this support video, Mark explains how you can share a video publicly with supporters and parents.


If you are platform's Owner or any member with Manage Video permission, you will be able to share video publicly, set expiry date and protect it with password.

How to Share Video Publicly

  • On the left-had side menu, you will see Sharing icon - click on it:

  • You will be taken to Video Share Library page:

  • Select video you would like to share, slide toggle to make video public, set expiry date and create password:

  • Then click on Save And Show Share Details button:

  • Copy the details and share via preferred method with somebody externally:

If you wish to unshare video before link expires, you can do so. Please click on that video, slide the toggle to off position and click on Save Changes:

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us by submitting a request:

or simply email at:

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