Video: Playlists | How to Transfer Clips from One Playlist to Another?


How to Transfer Clips from One Playlist to Another?

In this video, Mark shows you how to transfer clips from one playlist to another.

  1. Head to the Playlists area:
  2. Select playlist you would like to transfer clips from:
  3. Once you are in the desired playlist, click on Copy clips icon:
  4. You will see little tick boxes appearing beside, please tick all the clips (you can select one or more clips) you wish to transfer to another playlist:
  5. Once you made your selection, click on Transfer Clips:
  6. Then you will see Add to dialog box where you will be able to add your selected clips to one or more existing playlists or transfer to a new one:

  7. Let's say we have decided to transfer selected clips to a newly created playlist, please click on Create New Playlist.
  8. Enter playlist's name:
  9. Select privacy settings: Public or Private
  10. Hit Create and then Confirm buttons.
  11. Click Save.

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