Admin rights/permissions (Legacy version)

The owner of the account is the primary person who can grant admin rights to the other members of the platform. Club owner can delegate “Manage Members” area permission to users and staff, so they are able to manage all the members’ profiles in the platform as per description below.

How to grant admin rights to the other team member?

If you are finding the workload too much why not delegate responsibility among your team members?  For example, you may have someone in your team that is particularly good with technology - they could help you upload your video to the Video Room.

Here is how you can enable it:

  • Click Manage Members which can be found on the right-hand side of the Team Room or click arrow down beside Club Account:


  • Find a member of your club you would like to grant particular admin rights.
  • Click on the little pencil icon (Edit) button.

  • On the right-hand side, you will see a list of platform areas and little checkboxes depending on your purchased club package and set up. Tick the ones you would like that member to have admin rights to:

  • Click Save Details

In the Edit Member Profile area, beside changing user type, granting admin rights, you can also edit member’s personal details, notification preferences, create new goals for users, add profile picture, manage group membership and delete member.


Some information on the particular admin rights:

  • For example, if you grant “Video Room” permission, users will gain Video Room [Manage] mode – users will be able to upload videos, see all the uploaded videos (published and unpublished ones), view already created tags with and without comments, filters and upload timelines.
  • If you give Manage Members permission, this user will gain right to administrate all the platform members, e.g. change their profile details, group membership, grant or revoke permissions, delete member, switch to self-pay or club pay, etc.
  • if you grant just “Analyse Video” permission, users will gain Video Room [Analyse] mode – they will be able to view/ create new filters, edit existing ones, tag, comment, basically perform just video analysis.
  • If you tick both “Video Room” and “Analyse Video”, users will gain Video Room [Edit] mode, they will gain permissions from both modes [Manage]+[Analyse].
  • Fixture List permissionmembers will be able to create new fixtures, amend, delete already created ones.
  • Team Room – this permission will enable to delete posts in Activity Feed, see Views History, mark posts as important.
  • Upload Private videos – members will be able to upload videos and do their own analysis. Platform owner will be able to see uploaded video even in unpublished state.
  • Download Videos – permission to download videos.
  • Download playlists – permission to download playlists on your device for offline viewing. In order to make this permission active, user also needs to be granted “Analyse videos”
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