How to add Video, Image and File to reply

If you wish to add video, image or file when you are replying, please follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Team Room:Feed
  2. Find the message you would like to reply to.
  3. Hit Reply
  4. You will see + (plus) button on the left-hand side
  5. Click on it, then you will see the options:Video, Image, File
  6. Select the option, you would like to use, e.g. We would like to add Video to our reply. Once you click on the Video, dialog box Attach Video should pop up:
  7. Here you can copy links from Youtube, Vimeo and Coach Logic. In this case, I would like to add video from Coach Logic. I head to the Video Room, click on the video I would like and copy its URL, paste it to the Attach Video dialog box and click orange OK button. 
  8. At this point, you can still remove your attachment if you have changed your mind:
  9. If you are happy with the attachment, please @ mention somebody or/and write comment to activate Send button on the right - hand side.
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