Video: How to Share Clips and Playlists? (Legacy Video Player)

How to Share Clips and Playlists


In this short video Maz is demonstrating how to create Clips (from 0:08-0:39) and share Playlists (0:40-1:22).


Here is how to send clips:

  • In the Video Room Media tools Mode, click the pencil icon on the created tag or you can '@' mention using our Tag first feature


  • Type the ‘@‘ symbol in the Edit Tag displayed dialog box, Send as Clip section and add the player or group you want to see the clip e.g. John Smith or 1st XV Forwards.


  • Hit 'Save Changes’, do not forger to select 'Published' option from the drop-down and the video clip will appear on the tagged players Activity Feed.


How to create and share Playlists:

In order to create playlists, you need to have at least couple of tags.

  • Head to the Video Room.
  • Select relevant video, - this will take you to the Video Room Media tools
  • Make a selection, e.g. ‘Defence’ filter. Make sure Tag Mode is switched off


  • Click ‘Create Playlist’ at the bottom left corner of the video.


Once playlist generation is complete, you will see 2 options:

  1. Download button (orange button with the white cloud and an arrow) which is used to download created playlist to your device.
  2. Copy button which is used to copy URL. E.g. you can paste it in our Activity feed to share it with your team.



Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us by submitting a request:

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