Get others in your team involved; edit team admin rights.

If you are finding the workload too much why not delegate responsibility amongst your team members? You may have players within your team that have experience or even work in medicine or strength and conditioning. Why not give them admin rights to the Gym and Physio Rooms to help set up fitness programmes and record medical histories? You may have someone in your team that is particularly good with computers; they could help you upload your video to the Video Room.

How do I do this, I hear you cry?

Simply go to 'manage members' which can be found in the 'Team Room' tab, here you can select a player you wish to give editing right to. After selecting this player you will find a list of the areas on the website next to 'tick boxes'. Tick the box(s) you wish that team member to access with full editing rights. You can just as easily take these rights away of you feel they are being abused.

Making your players feel part of the process will give them a greater loyalty to the team and a better understanding also.


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