Video Conversion and Upload taking too long!


Taking footage with a Sony Handycam HDR-PJ200. HD Footage is great of camera direct to Laptop or TV via HDMI cable.
Running it through Koyote Soft converter set to Codec; MPEG-4 with Size @1280x720 and 16:9 Aspect before trying upload to the site.
The conversion takes hours, literally!, what would be best conversion/settings to run to allow me to get videos uploaded faster so players can start viewing on a Sunday? As it is spending all day Sunday converting/uploading and then having to tag game Monday night.



When you say that 'conversion takes hours' do you mean the encoding stage of the upload process or through Koyote Soft. If you are uploading an MP4 file it should skip our encoding stage altogether.



Coach #2:

Both! Takes hours to convert the footage into MP4 & then again when trying to upload the MP4 file to website. eg currently trying to upload 1.9GB File (zipped) which is showing 10% complete after 1/2 an hour & has already had several IO errors which I no is not something you can do anything about.
Just wondered if there was an alternative encoding method that was quicker or anything I can do with settings to speed the whole process up?


Response #2:

I use Handbrake to convert my files to MP4 and its pretty quick. You can get a free download for mac and windows at this URL http://handbrake.fr/

Another help with converting to MP4 could be to connect your camera to a device called an Elgato Game Capture which automatically converts your footage to MP4 whilst you film. We recently did a blog on this, to find out more click on this URL http://www.coach-logic.com/blog/how-do-you-use-yours-filming-converting-uploading

In terms of IO Errors, as you probably know this is due to a temporary loss of Internet connection. Usually because of a poor wireless connection or your computer going into sleep mode. I recommend that if you can, you should connect to the Internet via a cable whilst downloading. If this is not possible then make sure your laptop is next to the wireless router and has sleep mode turned off. Upload speed is directly linked to your Internet connection 30mins for 10% on a 1.9GB film does seen pretty slow. If you go tohttp://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk/mobile/m.default.aspx?iosappurl= You will be able to see if you are getting the upload speeds that your internet provider charges you for.

Sorry for all the URLs but just wanted to provide you with as much info as possible.

Let me know how you get on.



Coach #3:

Thanks for response. Re-calibrated Koyote to your suggested specs per website & got the rest of last saturday’s games uploaded last night & the video is looking better on site. Will try “handbrake” next time round to see if it’s quicker on the conversion pre-upload.
Uploads converting to “web friendly” fairly quickly now so setting Koyote to your suggested settings has certainly helped with that part & the published quality.
Getting upload speed of just under 5MB per minute now & will be checking broadband speed per your URL when I get a chance.

Thanks again for the assist.


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