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Is there a way of creating a time table whereby players can book in for individual appointments?

Could this be created?


Response #1:
Thanks very much for getting in touch.

Although there is no immediate plans to add this functionality, we will certainly look into the possibility for you in the future, and I would rule it out happening at some point.

We always love getting feedback from those using Coach Logic, and will continue to develop the system for the benefit of those involved in all the different roles.


Andy Muir

Managing Director



Response #2:

I thought I would add to Andy's comment to give you an insight into how my rugby club physio at Currie RFC uses the system.

Step 1 (1st day post game) : Players report injury to physio using the 'Report Injury' button - Included in this is their preferred time slot for treatment which is done on a first come first served basis.
Step 2 (1st/2nd day post game) : Physio contacts player via their email address to advise on injury management procedures they can complete before appointment. This is normally backed up with a guide held in the resource section. Also confirms if time slot is available.
Step 3 (3rd day post game) : Physio collates all appointment information, including time slots and creates an excel sheet which she posts to resource room.
Step 4 (3rd day post game) : Physio notifies players of new appointment sheet in resource room - Those that have not notified the physio join the back of the queue.

It has definitely helped the efficiency treatment on a training night which means more players are starting training on time! Although this does upset some of the backs in the winter months :).

Hope this helps a little.


Mark Cairns
Managing Director

Email: mark@coach-logic.com
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