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I look after the individual player development at A SCHOOL and we have just started using Coach Logic, I was wondering if it is possible to tag games and then only allow individual players or a selected group to see the tagging. In terms of IDP I obviously don't want to perhaps highlight individual stuff to the whole group.


Unfortunately there is no way at present to create permissions on video files so that only certain players have access as the video room was created to tag key team events. If you wanted to cut your video into clips you could theoretically upload these clips to our resource room which is integrated with Dropbox. Here you can create individual folders which you assign permissions to, in your case you could assign permissions to only the player and appropriate staff.

Hope this helps a little.

Many thanks

Response #2:

You got in touch with us a while back about the ability to keep individual tags private.

I just wanted to let you know that we have recently developed a Private Video Player with the West Ham Utd academy and we are about to make this feature available to all of our users.

This feature allows you to share 1 video multiple times, much like what exists with the current gym programming functionality. This would allow you to share your match video with players individually so that they have their own private copy. West Ham are using this to check for individual player understanding as well as providing more personalised feedback.

If you would like to add this feature to your existing package then please let me know.

Many thanks

Mark Cairns
Managing Director

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