Video Archive for all Premier 1 and National 1 Games

Hi Mark and Andy,

Allan Thomson, Dundee High Rugby here.

I have realised another potential use for the videos that are uploaded, not just Nat. 1 and Prem 1 rugby matches but could be extended to other sports also.  This is something I am in the process of designing for our club and it is “cloud based storage” containing an archive of every game we have footage of (going back to 2011) and my intention is to make this available to all players, coaches, committee members and ordinary members when I have completed my testing.  As the videos for Coach Logic are already stored on AmazonCloud, my idea would be at the end of every season, make all the videos from that season available to all clubs in a similar manner to the way I am doing this for Dundee.

The way I intend implementing access to our archives is via an electronic form on our club website which is filled in by the person requesting the footage (tick boxes for each game they would like) which is then automatically forwarded to me by email.  I then send a return email with a link to download each individual file they have requested.  I am sure a similar system could be implemented via Coach Logic/AmazonCloud?

Your thoughts?

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