Team Sheet has foreshortened and publishing to non-playing members


the team sheet has foreshortened and several players are inaccessible.
Also how do i copy /publish the team sheet to non players eg coaches, physios etc?



I did deal with this issue and solved the problem of non playing members receiving email notifications of new emails. Let me know if this has not changed.

What do you mean by 'foreshortened'? Could you send me a screenshot of what you see at your end. All the players signed up should be accessible so I can't understand why this would be happening.

I will go onto your platform tomorrow to have a look at what your are describing.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused so far.

Kind regards


Coach #2:

Mark see screen above names merging.

As regards sending squad to non players are you saying it goes automatically when I publish to the squad, or can I chose who I send it to?




Response #2

Thanks for the Screenshot.

The problem of names merging exists because although the player box is flexible it is only formatted to fit a player name and not the extra information currently included on your platform. I will ask the web dev guys if there is a quick fix to this but I suspect it may require a complete redesign of the team sheet area. If so I will not be able to action it unless it becomes a trend rather than an individual incident.

Every signed up member of your platform automatically receives an email notification with a link that takes then directly to the published team sheet. Unfortunately you cannot select the exact members this should go to.

If you only want staff/physios to see the team sheet then do not publish it as it saves automatically, this will keep it hidden from the players. When you are happy with your selection you should then publish it so that the players can view it.

Like I said I'll pass on the problem concerning the formatting of your player names and I'll get back to you to let you know if we can rectify it.

Many thanks


Coach #3:


I don’t understand your comments re extra information included on the platform, in the majority of the players, it only has their name and a e mail address, as requested by the new member screen??


Response #3:

What I mean is the extra information ie 'Bob Smith 23 Pro Tee Delivery Man'

The system would cope fine with the positional number after their name but no more than this.

Does this make sense?

Kind regards


Coach #4:

How do I remove the excess?


Response #4:

You just need to go to the 'Manage Members' area which can be found via the 'Team Room' tab. Once there you can edit the player names via the pencil symbol attached to their name.

Once you have changed the name remember to save the changes made.

Kind regards


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