Login Problems - Players not receiving activation emails


I have various players who have completed their 'log in' - username/password etc but are not appearing as anything other pending. One Bob Smith has even given his availability for a pre season tournament, but none of it showing. Can you/ your guys help. Cheers. Coach



I think this is because these players have created there own account rather than joining your existing platform. This can sometimes happen if a player clicks on a 'coach logic' link rather than their unique activation link.

Here is Bob Smith's activation link
Bob Smith: http://app.coach-logic.com/register/invited/abcdefg

If you copy and paste this into an email and send it to Bob, he will be able to follow the link and join your platform.

Please let me know of the other players experiencing difficulty and I will send you their activation links too.

Many thanks

Mark Cairns
Managing Director

Email: mark@coach-logic.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/maccairns

Web: www.coachlogic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CoachLogic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/coachlogic


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