I cant activate my resource room


On the resources tab i do not seem to be able to set anything up. It asks me to send the coach an email - I am the coach! I already have dropbox, but, obviously do not want all my content available to the players. how can i set it up please. Thanks.



You currently have 2 accounts set up on your coach logic platform. It looks as though you have been entering through your 'staff' account rather than your 'coach' account.

As a 'staff' (admin) member you do not have the same permissions as a 'coach' (chief admin) account which includes the ability to set up your resource page. In order to set up your resource page you need to enter as a coach. Hope that makes sense.

Don't worry about sharing all of your existing Dropbox content with your players. Coach Logic creates a new folder which can be found within the 'apps' folder on your Dropbox account. If you want to add any of your existing content to this folder simply copy it to the folder. Once set up you shouldn't need to enter through your Dropbox account as the Coach Logic resource room will have access to the tools you require.

Hope this helps


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