A Round-up of Recent Improvements

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Player engagement data




If you want to know if players have seen a message on your Activity Feed, you can now see who has read it and who hasn’t.  On the post, click the ‘Seen By’ button, and it will come up with who has seen the message and when they first saw it.




We have changed the recording of video views from the amount of times the video has been viewed, to time spent watching the video.  If you click on the ‘Time’ button next to the video, it will show you how much time each player has spent watching the video, and when they first watched the video.


Importing previously used filters


You can now take the filters that you have used in previous videos, and recreate them in new videos.  This will be useful for both coaches and players.  Coaches can use the full team match tags for the game, and players can use their own personal tags. 


Just click on the Import Filters button, which will give you a drop down list of all the previous filters that have been used.


New support button


We wanted to make it super easy for anyone to get in touch if they have any questions for us.  We have introduced an ‘Information Button’ that will give anyone easy access to communicate with us.  Here are the options:


Help – This will take you to the Helpdesk specific to the page you are on.  For example, if you are on the Video Room page, this will take you to our Video Room Helpdesk.


Tutorials – This will take you to our YouTube page, where you can see all of our video tutorials.


Contact – This will take you to our Helpdesk tickets, where you can submit a form to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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