Coach Logic App

Introducing our new Coach Logic App - now in beta testing!

Here we are going to show you the different sections of the App and what they are used for.  If you want to dive into how best to use each section, just click the title and it'll take you there.

Top Tips! - Check out our top tips here for using the App with your Coach Logic platform.


Here is the login screen that will welcome you after you download the App.

Just enter your User Name and Password and press Sign In.


The menu will show you where you can:

  • Access all the different teams you are linked to (if you have enabled Multi-Login;  see here how to enable Multi-Login)
  • View your profile
  • Sign out



The Feed is your Coach Logic Activity Feed, and will be your communication hub for the App.

My Clips

My Clips is where you can see all the clips from the Video Room that you've been tagged in.  With our feature of tagging players and groups in specific tags (see here for how to tag people and groups), all those clips will be here!



Notifications is where you will see all the account activity related to you for that team.  It can be a quick way for you to get to the most important messages from your team.


If you have any feedback for us, just let us know below!


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